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Vision & mission

Footies aims to deliver a cutting edge, blockchain-based solution to major event owners, starting with sports clubs worldwide

We strive to enable them to fully control their ticket inventory at all times, from the tickets’ time of issue to their use at events, promoting the generation of additional revenue, and optimized fan engagement.

At Footies, we envision a fully digitized Matchday experience that benefits fans and clubs alike. As such, we seek to empower sports games venues / issuers with consolidated venue management capabilities, spearheaded by our Secondary Market Control Module (SMCM), which can easily be integrated with the organizations’ existing ticketing and other IT systems, without requiring any existing services to be replaced.


Current Market Flow

There are three primary ticket-related issues that
sports organizations and large event organizers face:

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A lack of inventory ownership and control

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Inaccurate & limited customer engagement capabilities

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Insufficient transparency & confidence

These issues are related to the fact that ticket issuers lose control of their tickets once they are out of the initial point-of-sale, causing an overall sub-par customer experience and a massive loss in potential revenue that instead is enjoyed by third party resellers. This adversely affects both the overpaying fanbase, as well as the organization’s brand name, reputation, and bottom line.


footies solution

Adapting the Footies solution to your existing operation will give you immediate control over every ticket, enabling you to monitor and engage with attending spectators, while generating new revenue streams from secondary market sales.

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The Footies team brings deep understanding and years of experience in venue and sports organization management, B2B operations, and a powerful software development infrastructure for asset tokenization to the modern-day sports and entertainment venue. The company will launch its product during Q3 2019, and will focus primarily on its SMCM to enable sports clubs to finally control their own assets (the ticket).






MVP Development


SMCM beta version release
EU Penetration




Fan engagement capabilities
Successful full onboarding


Extending the SMCM to a one-stop-shop ticketing solution




The Hospitality Management Module released

700K fans use the Footies solution


Full DVMS Release

team & advisors

Eyal Rosenblum


Asaf Lahav

Director (TechFinancials CEO)

Nick Wells

VP of Sales & Business Development

Volodymyr Usychenko

Product Director

Ilya Aleynikov

System Architect


think like a fan

That’s what we believe makes us different to other ‘tech’ companies. We are sports fans, music lovers, passionate and motivated, and of course talented. Sounds like you? Send us an email with your CV and let’s talk!